As well as our league squad we still take play various forms of friendly veterans football. These matches, managed by the club’s founder Trevor Evershed, take place throughout the year on a full range of surfaces from grass to 3G. This includes regular matches of mixed age, gender, and experience organised against a whole range of teams, principally around Sussex and Surrey. This level of football is a good standard and is certainly a great challenge for the players registered in the squad, many of whom have returned to football after a few years away, but it is more relaxed than the league format. Training is taken seriously, as we use the community pitch at Horsham FC every Wednesday from 8-9 pm for 50 weeks of the year. Trevor is always looking for new players and some talented newcomers are channelled, in due course, into Darron’s full league squad.


Trevor Evershed.jpg

In 2006 whilst working as a school caretaker, the animal charity RSPCA approached Trevor one day to see if they could borrow the school field to train and play football on. After agreeing to this he started to join in with the training. Over the next few months he started to arrange a few games, the first being against the Horsham Baptists Vets. This was when he decided to form his own veterans’ team, Trev's Vets!   He bought some old kit from a chap in Littlehampton and planned Vets games. The interest was amazing. Guys who thought their playing days were over now had a chance to play again!  Trev played most of the matches on a nearby pitch in the Hills Farm Lane district in South Horsham. A fair few of the originals, including Trevor, are still competing today. The name Hills Farm Lane FC was firmly established around the County and the club structure, with the help and guidance of many others along the journey, was born, going from strength to strength ever since. The future now within Roffey FC looks bright and Trev after 14 years at the helm and with over 250 games behind him, remains a key stakeholder within the new structure at Roffey FC as he continues to lend his vast experience to shape the prospects and opportunities for vets football in our area.